Here’s something kind of cool

20130324-080927.jpgIn 2006 (eight years ago!!), when I started writing this blog, I remember thinking I’d better keep this thing anonymous because I was going to say all kinds of ridiculous stuff and who really wants their mom to find that on the internet?  Of course, it turns out that your mom does want to hear your ridiculous stuff, so I told her about it anyway.

But back when I thought anonymity was a good idea, the best name I could come up with for my blog was a combination of the two words I was pretty sure my blog would be about.  Blog.  Lily.

Yes, I know.  Really.  If that blog name was the only evidence of my writing skill you had to go by, you would be super surprised to learn that I’m actually a pretty decent fiction writer.

So here it is — 2014!   And I’m not all that anonymous anymore.  Plus, I’m writing a novel I’m really excited about — it’s called Queen of Mercy.  It’s about an Oakland judge named Mary McInerney who’s smart, sexy, unconventional and a little crazy — so of course she does some stuff that’s not as smart as she is.  As a result, she’s exiled from the world of the courthouse, the world she loves, and she has to journey through parts of Oakland she knows nothing about, before she discovers how to make it back to the place where she should be.

Oakland is a wonderful city.  I’ve lived and worked in and near it for most of my adult life.  As I explore the city for this book, I wanted a place to put my thoughts.  Plus, I also wanted to have a blog that just used my entire adult name.  So I moved it all over here

Hope you visit it!


10 thoughts on “Here’s something kind of cool

    • Yay, Tammy! Please do move!!! I’d love to be able to see you more. And see your work more easily. So go on over to and say what you want to say. For example, what on earth is up with knitting? xoxo

  1. Hey BL, got an 8 year anniversary notice from WordPress the other day and I was shocked. Yo were one of the first folks I interacted with online. Seems like both a long time ago and only very recently. Such an odd but liberating experience its been! Well done!

    • Oh, Eoin, thank you. And right back at you. I have loved doing this and although I had to take a break, I didn’t actually stop seeing your many wonderful posts — it’s just been so great to really have a feel for publishing and books (and many other things, of course) simply by virtue of seeing your posts. Thank you for that!

  2. And she’s back! I’m delighted to hear your voice again. Delighted that you’re writing a new book. Delighted that you’ll be blogging more. That’s a lot of delight, but then we are talking about something kind of cool.

  3. Oh Lokesh, I’m so thrilled to hear your voice again. I hope you spend time over at It’s always so good when you join in . Hope you’re really, really well. xoxoxoL

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