Tap, Tap, Tap

That is definitely not the sound of anyone’s fingers tapping in that impatient way fingers sometimes tap, waiting around for me to post. How do I know this? Well, I read someplace that blog readers don’t like to be inundated with material. Sometimes, they can’t catch their breaths and it makes them grumpy.

And the last thing I want from you, dear reader, is grumpiness, which is why I’ve been waiting around to tell you what’s up here in BlogLily World.

This is it: That “tap, tap, tap” noise? It’s me, putting up a new page on my blog — a page designed purely for your amusement and entertainment. It is one of those slight train wrecks of a page, a page that should appeal to the voyeur in all of us. It is exactly the sort of thing that is a guilty pleasure for me, and so I figure it’s okay to make one of my own.

The page is called “Dispatches From the Query Wars” (I’ll send a really great prize to someone who can think of something more clever to call it than that!). It contains, in exhausting ive detail the results of my search for an agent to sell my novel and a literary journal to take one of the two stories I’ve recently sent into the world.

My hope is that the courage and tenacity I display in the face of adversity — not to mention the ENTIRE BOX OF CHESSMAN COOKIES I ate after I got the ding from Jonathan Lyons — will spur you on to also fling your body in front of advancing tanks, tanks in which the driver is barely looking at you as they fire off their “No thanks,” “no, never,” and that oh-so encouraging comment: “are you kidding?” Yes, if you need spurring on, I’ll send you some chessman cookies. It’s the least I can do, although I hope I’m doing it for a cause greater than the one I’ve chosen.

And I have changed the blog’s header photo too:  It isn’t raining anymore!  Possibly, spring is coming.  Certainly, things are blooming around here.

Next Up: An actual review of an extraordinary book. In a few days. I don’t want to tire you out.