Anemones, Free Anemones

No, this is not a post about a movement to free the oppressed Anemones; it’s an ode to Dover Books, the source of these anemones. And about a lagniappe of sorts.

To your right is a nice William Morris anemone pattern. It comes from Dover Books. It was free.

I like a lot of things about Dover Books. That they sell things that are reasonably priced and fun and low tech. And that their embrace of the internet has just led them to do more reasonable and fun things.

I’ve bought things from Dover Books before. The other day I was thinking about how nice it would be to have some clipart that might be used by children who would like to advertise (a) the world’s largest yardsale; (b) the best lemonade stand Ever; (c) a low cost dog walking service. (The BlogLily boys are as entrepreneurial as they are weapons crazy.)

And that’s when I discovered that, in addition to a huge catalog of interesting things, Dover will email you every week — for free – a selection of images you can use for projects such as the ones I’ve outlined above. That’s a pretty nice internet lagniappe. When I came across it I thought about how it’s not creepy or bad to offer something free like that: it’s a a terrific way to thank people for being customers and potential customers. The Bloglily boys are going to have to think about yardsale, and lemonade stand and dog walking lagniappes. They’re something that makes doing business with people a tiny bit nicer.

Oh, and one other thing. Dover Books has a huge series of paper doll books. Do you remember paper dolls? I loved them. I doubt there are many children who play with them anymore. But Dover keeps carrying them: a lot of them. Brides around the world, Fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Napoleon and Josephine! Someday, a resurgence of interest in paper dolls will sweep the world and Dover will be there ready, with those paper dolls, for a reasonable price for a new generation of paper doll appreciators.